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Prophets one and all mark your calendars now for Saturday March 19th, 2022 as we celebrate the finest fraternity in the Masonic world – Grotto!

Across the nation Grottoes will be coming together to induct new members into the Realm by recruiting them into our Grotto community all at the same time on the same day!

My NGD22 Team is excited to bring you some powerful marketing tools to make NGD22 a HUGE success.  Here is what you can count on:

  • Multiple Webinars to discuss NGD “Best Practices”
  • A series of promotional videos your Grotto can use to aid a strong membership program that can be used for NGD and throughout the year
  • Incentives for first line signers, new Prophets, and your local Grotto
  • A truly fun experience you and your Grotto will never forget

Save the Date – begin to discuss with your leadership team how your Grotto would like to build a welcoming program to invite new Brother Masons into the Realm.

Together we can make this the best National Grotto Day ever!


Bob Siebold, PM, SCDD
National Grotto Day Chairman

Social Media Policy

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Social Media and Grottoes International

The presence of Grotto Prophets on various social networking sites is growing exponentially and it is drawing attention to the Enchanted Realm. By participating on these sites we should strive to make that attention as positive as possible. When we represent ourselves as Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, we become someone’s impression of the Grotto. As such, it is important that we act accordingly and subscribe to the lessons we are all taught as Prophets in terms of how we communicate with fellow Prophets and the general public.

Social Media Code of Conduct for Grottoes of International:

A Prophet should conduct his Social Media activities in a way that reflects his membership in the Grotto. He should act in a way that presents a positive image of his membership in Grotto to the world.

As a Prophet, he must be aware that his postings are a permanent record; therefore, his conduct may influence the world with a positive or negative opinion about him personally and also about any organizations to which he belongs.

His actions on the various Social Media outlets should reflect the highest standards of morality and integrity he would practice within the Grotto.

The posting of pictures or videos of Grotto events must comply with the Supreme Council Code.

Information about Grotto social activities must comply with the regulations already in place for wording and distribution.

Adopted from the Massachusetts Freemasonry Policy of 2012


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