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International Grotto Secretaries Association

President: Harold Warren - Email
Secretary: Steven Ledewitz - Email
Annual Meeting: June 22, 2017, Holiday Inn French Quarter, Perrysburg, OH
Host Grotto: Supreme Council Grottoes of North America

Central States Grotto Association - C.S.G.A.

President: David Rebmann, PGM - Email
Secretary: Philip A Gicalone, Sr., PGM - Email
Annual Meeting:  April 21-23, 2017, East Peoria, IL
Host Grotto:  Abbas Grotto

Colonial Grotto Association

President: Peter Ruggieri, PM - Email
Secretary: Mark Mattern - Email
Website: Link
Spring Meeting:  April 21-23, 2017, Eisenhour Hotel, Gettysburg, PA 

Joint Spring Info for PGA, CGA and ESGA

Annual Meeting: October 20-22, 2017, Poughkeepsie, NY

Host Grotto: Azim Grotto

Daughters of Mokanna

Supreme Mighty Chosen One - Cindy Gay- Email
Supreme Rodeval - Barbara Bibb - Email
Annual Meeting: September 12-15, 2017, Holiday Inn, Canton, Ohio
Host Caldron: Nazir Caldron

Empire State Grotto Association - E.S.G.A.

President: Victor Mann, PM - Email
Secretary: Kenneth Ayhens, PM - Email
Spring Meeting:  April 7-9, 2017, Corning, NY Radisson Hotel Corning 

Joint Spring Info for PGA, CGA, ESGA

Annual Meeting:  October 20-23, 2017, Poughkeepsie, NY, Days Inn Poughkeepsie
Host Grotto:  Azim Grotto

Florida State Grotto Association - F.S.G.A.

President: Solomon Goldenberg, PM - Email
Secretary: John Borsa, Jr. - Email
Annual Meeting: September 21-23, 2017, Crystal River Plantation, Crystal River, FL
Host Grotto: Zendah Grotto
Website: FSGA Website

Illinois State Grotto Association - I.S.G.A.

President: Mike Wick - Email
Secretary: Howard Schermerhorn, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: TBD
Host Grotto: El Jaala Grotto

Michigan/Western Ontario Grotto Association

President: Bernard Kirchoff, PM - Email
Secretary: William New Jr., PM - Email
Annual Meeting: August 19, 2017, Marysville, MI
Host Grotto: Noruh Grotto

Midwest Grotto Association - M.W.G.A.

President: Marty Stover, PM - Email
Secretary: Larry Propst, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: September 27-30, 2017, Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia, MO
Host Grotto: Aleppo Grotto

New England Grotto Association - N.E.G.A.

President: Conrad Swartz, PGM - Email
Secretary: George Fontana, P - Email
Annual Meeting: October 28-30, 2016, Groton Inn Hotel/Suites
Host Grotto: TBA

Northwest Grotto Association - N.W.G.A.

President: Harry Boughton, PM - Email
Secretary: Roger Cathel, PM - Email
Annual Meeting: July 20-22, 2017, Holiday Inn, Great Falls, MT
Host Grotto: Hassan Grotto

Ohio Grotto Association - O.G.A.

President: Joshua Anderson, PM - Email
Secretary: Michael Tomascin, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: August 17-19, 2017, Perrysburg, OH 
Host Grotto: O Ton Ta La Grotto

May Zone Conference - registration form

Pennsylvania Grotto Association - P.G.A.

President: Russ Combs, PM - Email
Secretary: Robert Lorenz, Jr., PM - Email
Web Site: Link

Joint Spring Info for PGA, CGA and ESGA

Annual Meeting: October 20-22, 2017, Homewood Suites Valley Forge by Hilton, Audubon, PA  19403
Host Grotto: Delco Grotto

Southeastern Grotto Association S.E.G.A.

President: Glenn Payton, PM - Email
Secretary: John Reamer, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: May 18-20, 2017, Holiday Inn, Metairie, LA
Host Grotto: Farhad Grotto

Southwestern Grotto Association - S.W.G.A.

President: Harrison Root, Jr., PM - Email
Secretary: Robert Jackson, PM - Email
Annual Meeting: September 1-4, 2017, Springdale, AR
Host Grotto: Amalric Grotto

Western Grotto Association - W.G.A.

President: Daniel G. Hood, PM - Email
Secretary: Charles Bidinger, PM - Email
Website:  Link
Annual Meeting: September 26-October 1, 2017, Residence Inn Marriott, 38305 Cook St. Palm Desert, CA

(844) 216-1517 for reservations

Host Grotto: Cinema Grotto

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