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International Grotto Secretaries Association

President: Gerald Calabritto, PM - Email
Secretary: Steven Ledewitz - Email
Annual Meeting: June 20, 2019, Radisson Hotel Branson, Branson, Missouri
Host Grotto: Supreme Council Grottoes of North America

Central States Grotto Association - C.S.G.A.

President: Thomas Tedford Cook, PM - Email
Secretary: Philip A Gicalone, Sr., PGM - Email
Annual Meeting:  
Host Grotto:  

Colonial Grotto Association

President: Peter Ruggieri, PM - Email
Secretary: Mark Mattern - Email
Annual Meeting:  October 12-13, 2018, Gettysburg, Pennsylavania
Host Grotto:  Ubar Grotto


Daughters of Mokanna

Supreme Mighty Chosen One - Debbie Kempke - Email
Supreme Rodeval - Barbara Bibb - Email
Annual Meeting: 
Host Caldron: 

Empire State Grotto Association - E.S.G.A.

President: Ronald J. Cramer, PM - Email
Secretary: Kenneth Ayhens, PM - Email
Annual Meeting:  September 20-23, 2018, Adam Mark Hotel, Buffalo, New York
Host Grotto:  Zuleika Grotto


Florida State Grotto Association - F.S.G.A.

President: Charles Cullen Osborne, PM - Email
Secretary: John W. Borsa, Jr., PM - Email
Annual Meeting: September 20-22, 2018, St. Augustine, Florida
Host Grotto: Zendah Grotto
Website: FSGA Website

Illinois State Grotto Association

President: Richard Pugh, PM - Email
Secretary: Michael E. Wick, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: TBD
Host Grotto: TBD

Michigan/Western Ontario Grotto Association

President: William Wiles, PM - Email
1st Vice President: Steven New, PM - Email
2nd Vice President: Mike Maurer, PM - Email
Secretary: William Henry New Jr., PM - Email
Annual Meeting: August 16-17, 2019
Host Grotto: Yubba Grotto
Location: Howell, MI

Midwest Grotto Association - M.W.G.A.

President: Jamie Ridener, PM - Email
1st Vice President: Gene Meyers, PM - Email
2nd Vice President: Shannon Walden, PM - Email
Secretary: Larry Propst, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: September 23-27, 2019, Indianapolis, Indiana
Host Grotto: Sahara Grotto

New England Grotto Association - N.E.G.A.

President: Bryan E. Simmons, PM - Email
Secretary: Robert D. Lyle, PM - Email
Annual Meeting: 
Host Grotto: 

Northwest Grotto Association - N.W.G.A.

President: Dan Mathews, PM - Email
1st Vice President: Alex Jordan, PM - Email
2nd Vice President: Ron Zobrak, PM - Email
3rd Vice President: Thomas Upchurch, PM - Email
Secretary: Roger Cathel, PM - Email
Annual Meeting: July 19-20, 2019
Host Grotto: Gul Reazee Grotto
Forms coming soon.

Ohio Grotto Association - O.G.A.

President: Kenneth Riley, PM - Email
1st Vice President: Benson "Mike" Brumfield, PM - Email
2nd Vice President: George Gittins, PM - Email
Secretary: Ed White, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting:  August 8-10, 2019, Warren, Ohio
Host Grotto: Ali Baba

OGA November 2018 Info form

Pennsylvania Grotto Association - P.G.A.

President: Jerry O. Richards, PM - Email
Secretary: Robert Lorenz, Jr., PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting: October 10-13, 2018, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Host Grotto: Delco Grotto

Southeastern Grotto Association S.E.G.A.

President: Mark Van Camp, PM - Email
Secretary: John Reamer, PM - Email
Web Site: Link
Annual Meeting:
Host Grotto: 

Southwestern Grotto Association - S.W.G.A.

President: David Williamson, PM - Email
Secretary: William "Paul" Wilson, PM - Email
Annual Meeting: TBD

Western Grotto Association - W.G.A.

President: Charles Lester Schubert, PM - Email
Secretary: Charles Bidinger, PM - Email
Website:  Link
Annual Meeting: October 24-27, 2018, Laughlin, Nevada
Host Grotto:  Quetta Grotto

WGA Fall 2018 info

2018 WGA Registration form

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Price List

Bumper Stickers$0.50
SC Decal$2.50
Supreme Council Code Book(s)$ 6.50
Grotto Forms, Ceremonies & Supreme Council Ritual Book$ 6.00
Roster$ 4.50
Funeral Rituals..$1.00
Membership Register$0.10
Minute Sheet..$ 0.10
Secretary's Record Sheet$ 0.15
Delinquent Dues Notice$ 0.10
Dues Card Holder$ 0.25
Dues Card Holder (100)$20.00
Dues Cards$0.10
Certificate of Demit$0.50
Life Membership Certificate$ 5.00
New Grotto Charter$ 100.00
Replacement Charter$ 25.00
Dispensation$ 50.00
Replace SCDD Jewel$80.00
Lodge Master Certificate$5.00
25 or 50 Year Certificate$5.00
Prophet of the Year Certificate$5.00
Honorary Membership Certificate$5.00
25 Year Lapel Pin..$ 2.50
50 Year Lapel Pin$ 2.50
Past Monarch Lapel Pin$ 7.50
2" Mokanna Patch$3.00
3" Mokanna Patch$ 4.50
5" Mokanna Patch$7.50
8" Mokanna Patch$ 15.75

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