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15 August, 2023

Nox Lux Grotto Hosts 7 Act Ceremonial

15 August, 2023

Nox Lux hosted a wonderful Full Seven Act Ceremonial on August 12, 2023. There were over 40 Prophets present from 13 different Grottoes, which included Grand Monarch Victor Mann, Grand Chief Justice Robert Lorenz, Grand Master of Ceremonies Marty Haley, and Past Grand Monarch Otto Thiergart. Also in attendance were numerous Supreme Council District Deputies, Monarchs, Past Monarchs, and Prophets.

Nox Lux Grotto was instituted November 20, 2021 and was chartered in Temple, Texas. 

Prophets attending the Nox Lux ceremonial.

Current Monarchs in attendance.

Current Supreme Council District Deputies in attendance.

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