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01 November, 2023

October 2023 Around the Realm

01 November, 2023

October was a great month for the Grottoes Around the Realm. Multiple associations had their annual conventions, many Grottoes participated in their local trunk-or-treat events, and many Prophets were welcomed to the Realm!

If you would like to see your Grotto featured in the next Around the Realm or potentially in a future issue of the Grottoes International magazine, please forward photos with captions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject "Around the Realm Submission". Did you know we have a Facebook page? Connect with other Grottoes around the Realm by clicking here to join.

Around the Realm

Texas Grottoes participated in the Come and Take it Parade. Of course, the clowns were out!


Old Dominion Grotto Association held their annual convention. Pictured from left-to-right, Past Grand Monarch Michael Tomascin, Grand Chief Justice Robert Lorenz, Jr., Grand Orator Marion Humphreys, III, Grand Captain of the Guard Jeff Davis, and Past Grand Monarch Otto Thiergart.


Empire State Grotto Association also held their annual convention. From left-to-right, Grand Venerable Prophet Robert Glace, Jr., Executive Secretary William "Skip" Moerch, Grand Orator Marion Humphreys, III, Grand Chief Justice Robert Lorenz, Jr., Grand Monarch Victor Mann, Grand Marshal Jeffrey Snyder, Grand Trustee Phillip Scott, and Grand Treasurer Marty Trent.


Yusef Khan Grotto welcomed 10 new Prophet to the Realm!

Lier Grotto held a ceremonial and welcomed 4 new Prophets to the Realm. This was attended by Grand Monarch Victor Mann.


Yusef Khan Grotto passed out treats for trunk-or-treat!


Zendah Grotto had a table for their local trunk-or-treat.