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 Lady Karen and I are excited to invite you to our convention

June 14, 2018 to June 16, 2018, with tours starting on the 11th of June. 

This year's Hotel: Wyndham Indianapolis West, (by the airport) Indianapolis, Indiana.

 We have a great time planned for you and hope you will enjoy visiting Indy.   We will celebrate the Grotto's Birthday at the Grand Opening on Wednesday evening and visit our Grotto, Sahara Grotto, for dinner on Thursday night prior to the Humanitarian Foundation's program.  At the Ladies' General Luncheon on Friday they will celebrate Christmas and that evening prepare for the final race as we reach the finish line in our "Race to Indy!"

Please use the forms below to register.  We look forward to "Racing to Indy" with you!

wyndham indianapolis (3)

t550x332 (2)78373048 (2)





Virtually visit the hotel here:

 2018 Hotel Reservation Form

128th Annual Session Registration Form

2018 Tour Registration Form

2018 Bowling Info and Golf Registration Form

2018 Advertising Form

2018 Contest Registration Form

Contest Categories:

Swing/Dance Band

Concert/Marching Band

Pipe Band




Chorus Men’s

Chorus Women’s

Men’s Quartet

Women’s Quartet





Clown Unit—Mech

Clown Unit—Non Mech

Motor Patrol 350 Up

Motor Patrol 350 Down

3 & 4 Wheelers

Unique Unit

Drum & Bugle

Men Patrol Drill

Lady Patrol Drill

Color Guard

Officers Open/Close



Poster Display


Balloon Making

Web Page

Hospitality Room Contest

plus Grottoes Got Talent

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Price List

Bumper Stickers$0.50
SC Decal$2.50
Supreme Council Code Book(s)$ 6.50
Grotto Forms, Ceremonies & Supreme Council Ritual Book$ 6.00
Roster$ 4.50
Funeral Rituals..$1.00
Membership Register$0.10
Minute Sheet..$ 0.10
Secretary's Record Sheet$ 0.15
Delinquent Dues Notice$ 0.10
Dues Card Holder$ 0.25
Dues Card Holder (100)$20.00
Dues Cards$0.10
Certificate of Demit$0.50
Life Membership Certificate$ 5.00
New Grotto Charter$ 100.00
Replacement Charter$ 25.00
Dispensation$ 50.00
Replace SCDD Jewel$80.00
Lodge Master Certificate$5.00
25 or 50 Year Certificate$5.00
Prophet of the Year Certificate$5.00
Honorary Membership Certificate$5.00
25 Year Lapel Pin..$ 2.50
50 Year Lapel Pin$ 2.50
Past Monarch Lapel Pin$ 7.50
2" Mokanna Patch$3.00
3" Mokanna Patch$ 4.50
5" Mokanna Patch$7.50
8" Mokanna Patch$ 15.75