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Frequently Asked Questions
How does a Grotto obtain it's name and what is the criteria?

Originally all Grotto names were to be of Persian character derivation. There is a list of acceptable names at our SC Office. The name selected must be approved by the Grand Monarch.

At this time, there is consideration taken on names relevant to current trends. This issue will be discussed at our 2012 Supreme Council Session in July.

What does IBN SAUD stand for or mean?

In the beginning, all Grotto names were Persian. This is simply a Persian name that has no other significant meaning.

If there is no grotto in your state how does one start one?
Please contact our office via phone or email and we will give you all the information you need.
Do you have a petition?
Please contact our office via phone or email and we will give you all the information you need.
Do you have an Endowed membership Program?
The Grottoes of North America does not have an Endowed Membership Program. Our official charitable organization, The Humanitarian Foundation, has an Endowed Society.
Email address

You can email us directly via the Contact Us tab.

How do you join?

You can join by directly contacting a Grotto in your area. Go to the Main Page then to the Quick Links. Listed is a Map of the Grottoes. On the left is the Grottoes in Order with their city and state. On the right is a map of North America with the locations posted. Using the information there you can determine the closest Grotto. Also on the Quicklinks are the Grottoes by State. Type in the Grotto name you found listed on the map and you will find the contact information. You may also contact our Supreme Council Office at 614-933-9193 and we will direct you to your closest Grotto or have a Grotto Officer contact you.

What Will I Gain by Joining The Grotto?
Worthwhile charitable effort . . . a pervading and exhilarating sense of GOOD FELLOWSHIP; a ready smile and the hand of friendship. The last advantage is a guarantee of high entertainment, genuine fun, and happy realization.
How Often Do The Grottoes Meet?
The Prophets, who receive a black fez with their membership, meet once a month, with a ceremonial twice a year. Our international conventions present spectacular parades that are viewed and enjoyed by thousands.
Are The Lodges Called Grottoes?
They are, and you should also know that many Grand Masters and Past Grand Masters, Governors of States, Ex-Governors, a Past President of the United States, and numerous civic leaders are Prophets.
Did You Say Something About the Prophets Sponsoring a Charity?
I did. Members of the Supreme Council began, as their International Humanitarian Objective, aid to the Cerebral Palsy Child, a charitable trust. It is directed by the Humanitarian Foundation of the Supreme Council, M.O.V.P.E.R. Funds are given annually to the United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation. Many millions have been contributed by the Grottoes to Cerebral Palsy and other philanthropic charities, projects and organizations.
Is There Some Sort of Philosophy - A Basic Idea?
Yes, it isn't all gaiety, fun and frolic. There is a solemn, serious motif. The lesson it teaches invokes the precept of the Golden Rule, translated into two words, GOOD FELLOWSHIP. A spiritual uplift results, a keener love for life and laughter, a strengthened optimism.
Is There a Ritual?
Perhaps the most spectacular, colorful and elaborate ritual seen anywhere.
Will You Tell Me More?
Yes. It is a social organization for Master Masons only, with an emphasis on the Blue Lodge field. The organization has nothing whatsoever to do with symbolic Craft Masonry.
When was the Name Adopted ?
On June 13, 1890, the Supreme Council of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm was founded. Since then it has brought merriment and GOOD FELLOWSHIP into the lives of many thousands of Master Masons.
How did it Become an Important International Organization?
It grew immensely popular, because those who entered the Enchanted Realm . . . were enchanted . . . and said so. Letters poured in from Master Masons everywhere. There was an instantaneous realization that here was an idea which could bring joy into life. There are 133 Grottoes in the United States and 1 in Canada.
What was the Formal Name of the Grotto?
The Grotto is formally known as the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm.
What was the Organization Called Originally?
It was called the "Fairchild Deviltry Committee," and at the first meeting it was decided to restrict membership to Master Masons in good standing.
Who Started The Idea?
LeRoy Fairchield of Hamilton, Lodge No. 120, F. & A. M. It was unofficial until September 10, 1889, when the organization was formed.
When Did it Start and Where?
In 1889, at Hamilton, New York. It sprang from a series of informal meetings, where Master Masons gathered for relaxation and laughs.
Fun and Frolic?
Yes, indeed! But there is a serious side, the prompting of a social conscience, which concentrates on a basic charity.
What are its purposes?
To bring a quality of SYMPATHY and GOOD FELLOWSHIP into life, not only to member Prophets, but to everybody. An atmosphere of good, clean fun and frolic prevails at all times.
Is this connected with Masonry?
Only in that our membership is restricted exclusively to Master Masons.
Can you tell us details about the ladies' affiliate organization?
Some Grottoes have a Ladies' Auxiliary and some have Daughter's of Mokanna.
Does the Grotto have groups/units to join like the Shrine?
Yes we do! We have Bands, Choral-Vocal, Clowns, Drums and Bugle Corps, Revels, Drill and Parade, Motor Patrol and Dune Buggy, Pipe Band and String Band and Cast Units/Groups.
What is an enchanted lantern?
It is a symbol from when the Grottoes first organized in 1890. Lanterns were lit and put out for where the meetings would be held.
Could you explain the Mokanna head emblem?

The Mokanna head is an illustration of an ancient Persion character in our initiation ritual. The following is how the Mokanna head became adopted as our logo:

For a few years the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm had no official emblem to wear. Word got around that the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets were permitted to wear an emblem that set them apart from others and a black Fez head covering was selected with a Mokanna Head in the center, giving the name of the Grotto. Naturally, this attracted attention. The minutes of a February 26, 1903 stated meeting of Azim Grotto, Bronx, New York states: "Prophet Charles E. Lansing, Past Potent Monarch, after some preliminary remarks, descriptive thereto, presented to those present, a drawing in color of a headgear appropriate for the Order. The same was received with favor and by motion, regularly made and seconded and carried, it was unanimously decided to adopt and wear them on serious and other appropriate occasions." In the minutes of October 29, 1903, it is recorded: "The Potent Monarch reported that the Fez worn by our members was, at the Annual Session of the Supreme Council held at Hamilton, New York on October 20, adopted as the official headgear for all Prophets of the Realm."

What's the fee for re-instatement?

The fee for reinstatement is currently $20.00 + your past and current dues at your Grotto, however, by the Grand Monarch Mitch Weinsting's edict for this year and this year only, he is waiving the reinstatement fee and all that would be due would be the cost of your current dues at your Grotto.

How do I buy an Enchanted Lantern?

You can puchase on line by clicking on the Humanitarian Foundation and Programs link located at the bottom of our site, or by calling 614-933-0711.

What are your 12 commandments?

The Twelve Commandments of the Grotto

  1. To draw the Master Masons of different Lodges into close and more friendly relations.
  2. To create and maintain a spirit of fraternity among us.
  3. To discount jealousy, enmity and ill feeling.
  4. To teach us that we are not only members of one Blue Lodge, but belong to the fraternity at large.
  5. That there are good Masons outside of our Blue Lodge and they are worthy friends and companions.
  6. To build up and strengthen the character and individuality of the Mason and to teach, recognize and develop the principles of Masonry outside the Lodge room.
  7. To teach that a Mason is not judged by his actual appearance or worldly wealth.
  8. The Grotto meets all Masons on the level, not figuratively but literally, and teaches that Masons are brothers on the street as well as in the Lodge room.
  9. That Masonry must not be used as a means of advancing the material interest of any man. 
  10. To get out of the rut into which we too often fall.
  11. To forget our cares, for there is good in all of us.
  12. The GROTTO is a social organization for Master Masons.
Are Prince Hall Masons accepted into your organization?

A person cannot sit under two jurisdictions. In order to join Grotto you would have to belong to the Grand Lodge of your jurisdiction.

Do you have fundraisers?

We do not have public fund raisers on a national level, however, some of the individual Grottoes hold local fund raisers.