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Please consider helping those who are in most need of assistance.

Leroy's Boys

“Leroy’s Boys” is a financial giving opportunity named in honor of our Founder Leroy Fairchild. It was born during the 128th Supreme Council Session in Indianapolis. After hearing the reports of the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Trustees, it is clear that the Supreme Council is relying more and more upon the invested funds to cover the shortfall in our annual budget. Ernest Sparks, the Monarch of Zaman Grotto, donated one hundred dollars to augment the Supreme Council’s invested funds. Other Prophets soon began to do the same. The effort was named “Leroy’s Boys.” At the conclusion of the weekend, 185 Prophets had donated or pledged to the fund.

The opportunity to contribute is being extended to all who wish to donate. It is open to Prophets, Grottoes, Family, Friends, and other interested parties. The funds collected will be invested by our Grand Trustees and only the earnings will be used to help offset the operating costs of the Supreme Council. In return for your gift of $100 or more, you will receive a certificate of appreciation and your name will be published in the Grotto Magazine.

Hardship Relief Fund

Hardship Relief Fund is a way to help your fellow Prophets during natural disasters and other tragic events. Please consider helping out in any way you can. Contact our office to assist in other ways at 614-933-9193.