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01 December, 2023

November 2023 Around the Realm

01 December, 2023

November was a busy month for many Grottoes Around the Realm. Many Prophets were welcomed to the Realm. Throughout November and December Grottoes have and are holding their elections and installations -- Congratulations to all the newly elected officers!

Around the Realm

Highlights of happenings Around the Realm.

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The Supreme Council Board of Governors visited New Orleans, Louisiana in preparation for the upcoming 134th Supreme Council Session, which will be held June 2 to June 9, 2024. 


Lier Grotto, of Long Island, New York, attended the annual gala event, Masonic Toys for Tots. 


Illini Grotto and Chi-ill Grotto, both from Illinois, had Good Fellowship when they attended a tailgate this month. 


Sin-A-Tra Grotto, from Las Vegas, held their first ceremonial.


Merou Grotto, from Indiana, had a night of Good Fellowship.


Krazo Grotto, of Missouri, participated in a Veterans Day Parade.